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The Epic Epicness that is Kauto Star

Yesterday on Retired Racehorse I shared a blog post about Kauto Star, the eleven year old National Hunt horse who took back his Betfair Chase championship for a fourth time.

Then last night I found an insane photograph of Kauto Star in mid-flight and shared it on Twitter. I got about twenty new followers and I’m looking forward to learning a lot more about English racing from this little beaut!:

Kauto Star in the Gold Cup. I'm looking for the photo credit.

Okay, first, did you know that Thoroughbreds actually take flight? Why would anyone jump anything else? I ask you?! 

Secondly, I was up at one o’clock this morning watching this amazing video of Kauto Star’s Betfair Chase. Watch how comfortably he gallops and takes these fences.  It is simply a beautiful thing. I’m not clever enough to figure out the embed, so follow this link to Sporting Life.


Note: the original version that went out to subscribers said this was his Gold Cup win. It wasn’t. I’m just figuring out all these different races! 



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